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Northern Vietnam

Quang Ninh 2 properties
Sa Pa 1 property
Ha Noi 243 properties
Hung Yen 4 properties

Central Vietnam

Da Nang 17 properties
Cam Ranh 2 properties
Quy Nhon 1 property
Binh Dinh 5 properties

South-western Vietnam

Phu Quoc 4 properties
Kien Giang 3 properties
An Giang 3 properties
Vung Tau 6 properties

Southern Vietnam

Bien Hoa 1 property
Dong Nai 4 properties
Ho Chi Minh 5218 properties
Di An 13 properties

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Real estate in Vietnam

All available property in Vietnam for investments and living is presented on the pages of this portal. For foreigners, this is a great opportunity to expand their investment portfolio or become property owners in a country with a pleasant climate, beautiful scenery and many opportunities for relaxation and shopping.

Vietnam is situated in Indochina. The length of the coastline is 3450 km, which makes it possible to find housing right by the sea. Tourists are attracted by the country's natural beauty, long tourist season and affordable prices, which makes apartments in Vietnam in demand. Northern, central, and southern Vietnam have different climates. In the southern part, it is tropical with typical rainfall for the region. In northern Vietnam, starting from Hanoi, temperatures are lower, especially in winter. The rainy season is from April to September. The population is friendly to visitors, which makes the country a good place to relocate.

The country has a rapidly developing economy and is attractive for investment. With the growing interest from foreign buyers, local developers have begun to consider European tastes and offer premium class facilities that provide access to numerous additional amenities. At the same time, property prices in Vietnam remain more affordable than in neighboring countries, which is one of the compelling reasons to buy.

Properties for sale in Vietnam

Foreigners can buy real estate in Vietnam. The law restricts property rights to land only. Foreign investors can only buy land to build a house. The land tenure period is 50 years and can be extended in the future. At the same time, the owner's rights are not violated: he/she can dispose of the property at his discretion.

Buying property in Vietnam for commercial use is still prohibited. However, the country's authorities are actively trying to attract foreign investors. Therefore, it is quite possible that legislative norms will be changed in the future in favor of attracting foreign capital.

Another restriction is the amount of living space available to non-residents within a condominium. Foreign citizens cannot own more than 30% of a multi-family building, so the widest selection of property for sale in Vietnam is available to foreign buyers at the "under construction" stage.

Popular cities

The population of the country is over 97 million people. The largest number of people live in Ho Chi Minh City, which is also the most popular tourist destination. The city, formerly known as Saigon, has a long history and developed infrastructure.

A significant number of tourists also visit Hanoi, the country's capital. It is a cultural center with many attractions. Some other major cities in Vietnam where real estate is attractive for investment include:

  • Da Nang
  • Can Tho
  • Hai Phong
  • Nha Trang

On our website you can explore detailed sales offers in all regions of the country.

Types of properties

Properties in Vietnam boast all popular types. You can buy apartments of various sizes in high-rise condominiums. The advantages of modern residential complexes include their developed infrastructure. Residents have access to a wide range of amenities, including:

  • Equipped gyms;
  • Parking lots;
  • Swimming pools;
  • Landscaped areas.

You can also buy apartments in low-rise condominiums.

Villas in Vietnam are no less popular. Properties vary in the level of finish, area, and number of bedrooms. Townhouses usually share a common wall with neighbors, while villas are separate buildings.

The property cost in Vietnam depends on the type, area, number of rooms, proximity to the sea, and city. Premium properties on the first line are more expensive. A house in the suburbs can be purchased for $100,000. In Hanoi, villas are offered at a price of $500,000 and above. Apartments start at $100,000. Given the growth trend, it is advisable to verify the final figures directly before purchasing.

Investment real estate in Vietnam

While Vietnam has experienced impressive economic growth in recent years, the country's real estate market has lagged behind. Prices are still relatively low, making local housing affordable. There are four main reasons for investing in real estate in Vietnam:

  • The country's economic growth rate reaches 8.4% per year;
  • The population is increasing, leading to demand for housing;
  • The high profitability coefficient of housing, depending on the specific region. In Hanoi, for example, it reaches 7%;
  • The affordable cost of real estate in Vietnam is one of the lowest among other Asian countries.

Investments can be both short term and long term. In the former case, you can invest money in an off-plan property and resell it at a higher price upon completion. A long-term strategy allows you to generate income from rentals.

Profitable to buy property in Vietnam

Vietnam-Real.Estate can help you choose and buy residential and commercial properties profitably. Using the search system filters, you can configure the desired type, location and calculate prices in euros, dollars and other popular currencies. Explore the foreign real estate for sale in Vietnam in real time in order not to miss the most profitable offers!