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Townhouses in Vietnam

Expats can buy a townhouse in Vietnam for investment or relocation by taking advantage of offers from developers or real estate agencies. The country is steadily developing and attracting not only locals but also foreign investors. Townhouses continue to be the most affordable form of private housing, meeting the needs of a large family or those who value ample space.

The peculiarity of townhouses is the specificity of their architecture. If a villa is an isolated house with a plot of land, a townhouse has a common roof or side wall with a neighboring house. At the same time, the entrance to each house will remain isolated, and the land underneath will be privately owned.

Townhouses in Vietnam for foreigners offer an opportunity to become the owner of a comfortable home at an affordable price. Local legislation imposes several restrictions on foreign investors:

  • Foreigners are not allowed to own more than 250 houses in one administrative area and no more than 10% of the land within one project.
  • Land is considered national property. Therefore, foreigners can only own land under villas in Vietnam on a long-term lease basis.
  • Land related to national defense or security is not available to foreigners.
  • Purchases can only be made with personal funds, and mortgage loans are not available to foreigners.

In order to buy a house, it is sufficient to have permission to enter Vietnam, which can be obtained with a regular tourist visa. There is no requirement to register a temporary or permanent residence at the location of the house.


The quality of life depends directly on the infrastructure of the region where the property is located. Popular cities have everything you need: shops, schools, including international ones, hospitals, restaurants, and entertainment. For those who plan to move permanently or buy property in Vietnam as an investment, many locations can be recommended. Among them are such popular cities as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and Danang.

Townhouse prices in Vietnam

The cost of townhouses in Vietnam is related to several aspects. Among them are:

  • The area of the house;
  • Number of rooms;
  • Region of the location;
  • Proximity to the sea;
  • Availability of additional amenities in a particular complex.

The average cost of properties for sale off plan starts at $100,000. A finished 2-bedroom townhouse can be purchased from $120,000. Prices are quoted at the time of publication and can price for a luxury townhouse in Vietnam can reach $500,000 and above. The country's real estate market is growing every year. Therefore, it is more advisable to clarify the costs directly at the time of the purchase decision.

Investment townhouses in Vietnam

Before buying townhouse in Vietnam for investment and living, it is important to determine a strategy for making a profit. You can invest in a townhouse in Vietnam at the construction stage and then resell it after completion. The price difference can be tens of percent of the cost. Another option is to invest money in a townhouse and then rent it out. Urbanization is attracting increased interest in urban real estate. The average profitability coefficient in the capital is 5% per annum, but in premium projects, it can reach 11.5%.

Buying townhouse in Vietnam

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