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Land plots in Vietnam

The question of whether it is possible to buy land in Vietnam for construction and investment interests many foreign investors. The country attracts not only with pleasant climatic conditions, but also with a rapidly developing economy. Until 2014, expats faced strict restrictions on the use of real estate and land in Vietnam. In fact, only those who married a citizen could obtain property rights. With the liberalization of legislation, the situation has changed for the better, contributing to the influx of foreign investment in land plots and property in Vietnam.

However, even with the introduction of new norms, land is still owned by the state. Foreigners can dispose of land on the basis of long-term lease rights. The term of use is 50 years. After this period, it can be renewed. This practice is typical of all Southeast Asian countries and is generally accepted. In fact, it does not limit the lessee's ability to dispose of the property: a land plot can be bequeathed, subleased.

According to a project, foreigners can own no more than 10% of units such as villas in Vietnam with a land plot. It should also be noted that foreign investors are not allowed to own real estate and land in areas reserved for national defense and security. Therefore, the Ministry of National Defense in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Security determines such a list for each specific region.

Land plots prices in Vietnam

The cost of land in Vietnam depends on several factors:

  • The area of the land;
  • The region of the location;
  • The relief.

The cost of development land for sale in Vietnam varies. At the time of writing, there were many options in the ads. For example, in Ha Giang, a land of 80 square meters is offered for $28,000. In Binh Duong, a 100 sq. m plot is for sale for $51,000. Please check our website for current prices.

Land plots in Vietnam for investment

It is possible buy land plots in Vietnam for investment and construction. Local market prices are increasing annually, so the land can always be resold at a higher price. This is one of the ways to expand their investment portfolio and save money from inflation for foreigners

Buying land plots in Vietnam

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