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Property in Dong Nai

Real estate in Dong Nai encompasses a variety of properties such as residential homes, apartments, land parcels, and commercial facilities. As a leading destination for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Vietnam, this province drew in $1.25 billion of FDI in 2022, predominantly channelled into creating factories in its industrial zones.

Recently dubbed the “capital of industrial parks”, it’s also expanding its service and entertainment sectors. Millions of employees and thousands of foreign engineers working in the province indicate a high demand for properties in Dong Nai.

The area is distinguished by its superior transportation network and easy accessibility. The tourism industry in the region is experiencing a surge, largely fueled by major infrastructural developments. The newly constructed Pham Van Dong road, connecting Tan Son Nhat International Airport and Bien Hoa city, is a key driver of this growth. Thanks to the expansion of National Highway 1A, the travel time between Ho Chi Minh City and the province has markedly shortened, further boosting the region's appeal to tourists.

While the number of affluent individuals looking to purchase apartments in Vietnam in this area is increasing, land remains the most sought-after asset. Investors buy plots and wait for an opportunity to resell them with a profit. This practice is particularly prevalent in other provinces, where large land plots are often divided by investors or sub-investors for infrastructure development and subsequent resale. From the end of 2017 to the present, real estate prices in Dong Nai in these areas have risen by 10–20%.

The most popular places for buying and finding real estate for sale in Dong Nai include Bien Hoa city, the administrative centre of the province, as well as Long Khanh and Thu Duc.

Property prices in Dong Nai

Property cost in Dong Nai varies depending on the type and location of the property. Apartment prices start at around $50,000 and can go up to $300,000. The final value depends on the size, number of rooms, and level of comfort. Below are the average figures:

  • average cost per square metre – $1,549;
  • average price of a property – $195,537.

To access the latest prices of property in Vietnam, including Dong Nai and other regions, in euros and dollars, please consult the catalogue available on Vietnam-Real.Estate or contact a manager for detailed information.

Properties for investments

Dong Nai stands as a pivotal investment centre and a crucial component of Vietnam's major southern economic zone.

The industrial parks in the area continue to be a key factor in attracting investment. In 2021, international companies invested $1.17 billion in its commercial properties. There are plans to expand the existing 10,200 hectares of industrial zones by an additional 7,537 hectares in the near future. The region has drawn investments into electronics components production, textiles and garments manufacturing, along with high-tech product development.

The province features a robust logistics infrastructure and swift connectivity to Ho Chi Minh City, enhanced by a range of local economic incentives designed for investors. These aspects particularly highlight the potential profitability of buying property in Dong Nai.

In 2021, the Gross Regional Product (GRP) of this province in Vietnam reached $9.2 billion. During this period, there was a noticeable growth in the industrial and construction sectors, registering an increase of 3.21%. Similarly, the agriculture, forestry, and fisheries sectors also saw a growth of 3%. However, in the same timeframe, the service sector witnessed a decrease, shrinking by 1.4%.

5 reasons why buying an investment property in Dong Nai is a good idea:

  • It is one of the fastest-growing provinces in Southern Vietnam with excellent location and developed commercial zones. This creates good prospects for the growth in property values and the opportunity to profit from renting or reselling.
  • The location attracts numerous industrial companies, including factories and enterprises, especially in manufacturing and processing sectors. This factor contributes to the rising demand for commercial properties like warehouses and factories.
  • The demand for housing is rising due to the growing population and economic development.
  • Certain areas of the region are particularly attractive for investment in tourism properties such as hotels and villas. For example, those that are close to tourist attractions.
  • This province has a favourable business climate, supported by the government and local authorities. Various tax incentives and preferences are offered to businessmen.

Note that before buying a house in Vietnam, it is important to carefully study the market and consult professionals for advice and information on legal aspects and potential risks.

Profitable to buy property in Dong Nai

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