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Property in Da Nang

Real estate in Da Nang is increasingly attractive to international investors, thanks to its dynamic growth. Encircled by many relaxing beaches, famous for fresh local seafood, this lively, colourful Asian city is home to a number of heritage sites protected by UNESCO.

Luxury hotels, restaurants, modern apartments, and other types of property in Vietnam are rapidly emerging along the Han River's promenade. To the north, high-tech residential buildings are rising, while opulent hotel complexes and resorts are opening along Da Nang Beach. The city also boasts its own international airport, located less than 4 km away.

This city is the 5-largest in Vietnam and its thriving economy plays a key role in shaping the country's real estate landscape. Swift infrastructure growth is boosting demand for properties in Da Nang, opening up profitable business prospects.

Real estate for sale in Da Nang includes stylish villas, townhouses, condominiums, and apartments, which are more affordable compared to the capital. While high-end villas may cost millions of dollars, more affordable options like spacious studio to 1-2 bedroom condominiums are on offer. These residences are often conveniently located near the beach.

Western and Eastern districts hold the highest investment potential. The Eastern district offers elite homes with beach access, while the Western district features a wide range of riverfront condominiums, close to urban amenities and entertainment.

In the city's western region, an array of shops, boutiques, eateries, and cafes create a lively atmosphere. Meanwhile, the eastern side provides quick access to Da Nang's heart and is situated less than three kilometres from breathtaking sandy shores.

Property prices in Da Nang

Property cost in Da Nang differs greatly, depending on the type of property (be it an apartment, house, or villa), its location, how close it is to the beach, and other considerations. Here are the average figures:

  • average unit cost – $247,269;
  • per sq. m – $1,793;
  • rent for a 1-bedroom flat (monthly) – $290;
  • rent for a 3-bedroom flat (monthly) – $605.

It's important to note that these values are quite dynamic. For the latest prices of houses in Vietnam, please contact a manager at Vietnam-Real.Estate.

Properties for investments

Investing in Da Nang's real estate is quite beneficial:

  • Booming tourism sector. As a popular destination with beaches, scenic mountains, and numerous cultural attractions, the demand for rental accommodations, from hotel apartments to private flats, is increasing. Rental real estate can yield stable income.
  • Economic growth. Being among Vietnam's most developed cities with a thriving economy, it draws both local entrepreneurs and foreign investors.
  • Geographical benefits. Strategic coastal location in Vietnam, close to an international airport, ensures outstanding connectivity with other key areas in the country.
  • Favourable climate. Known for its mild climate and comfortable living conditions, it’s an appealing location for expats. Buying property in Da Nang for investments and living is a wise choice.
  • Growing real estate market. Some property types are already quite pricey, but the local market remains accessible. The increasing demand for local housing means significant profits can be expected from resale.

Before buying an investment property in Da Nang, consider the following factors:

  • Rapid economic growth in the city is causing prices to rise swiftly.
  • The competitive housing market means acting quickly is essential when you find an offer of interest.
  • Foreigners are subject to specific limitations: they can only purchase apartments, houses, or commercial spaces, not land.
  • It's essential to consult a knowledgeable realtor before buying property in Da Nang. They can assist in exploring the market and finding a property catering to your preferences and budget.

By remembering these tips, you can confidently invest in Da Nang real estate.

Profitable to buy property in Da Nang

Real estate listings in Da Nang, directly from owners and developers, are available on Vietnam-Real.Estate. Our catalogue features real estate in this city and many other houses and apartments in Vietnam. Use our customizable filter to sort offers by price, location, property type, and number of rooms. Submit an inquiry on our website to get additional information that will help you make a profitable purchase!