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Property in Hanoi

Buying property in Hanoi for investment means placing your trust in a robust sector within one of the world's fastest-growing cities. As the capital and one of Vietnam's largest cities, it has been the political and religious heart of the country since its inception. The housing demand here is on the rise due to the rapid advancement of business and technology.

Not only is Hanoi a central culture, science, and politics hub, but it also stands as one of the nation's two primary economic powerhouses. It has evolved into an international nexus, establishing connections with more than 100 prominent cities across various global platforms.

Hanoi's architecture is a blend of contrasts. Its lanes display ancient temples alongside contemporary high-rises. If you're interested in houses in Vietnam and wish to be at the heart of the action, the Old Quarter is the perfect spot. Property prices in Hanoi are among the highest in the city, but you will be surrounded by essential amenities and some of renowned landmarks.

For those planning to buy property in Vietnam and lead a more laid-back lifestyle, the Ba Dinh district is an excellent choice. It’s home to embassies, government buildings, numerous parks, and lakes. Housing prices here are more affordable than in the Old Quarter, making Ba Dinh appealing to individuals with tighter budgets. Whichever location you choose, the capital is sure to offer something tailored to your needs.

Properties in Hanoi are typically more modern and comfortable compared to other parts of the country. Apartments here are usually fully furnished and situated in contemporary residential complexes, complete with amenities like swimming pools, gyms, playgrounds, and 24/7 security.

Since 2015, foreigners have been able to purchase real estate throughout Vietnam, thanks to regulatory changes. Available property types are:

  • apartments;
  • villas;
  • condominiums and others.

The city's burgeoning economy and tourism sector are fuelling the local housing market. New districts are sprouting up across the capital, with Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh and Ciputra being among the most sought-after.

Property prices in Hanoi

In recent years, property cost in Hanoi has surged as the city gains increasing popularity among both local and international buyers. However, there are still many attractive deals to be found, especially if you're looking beyond the city centre. The outskirts offer much more affordable options to buy property in Hanoi, with a plethora of homes and apartments available at reasonable prices.

Real estate prices vary based on size, location, and the amenities on offer. On average, the cost of housing is as follows:

  • purchase of a housing unit – $216,320;
  • per square metre – $2,561;
  • rent (per month) – $350–$500.

At first glance, prices of properties for sale in Hanoi might seem steep, but it's essential to remember that it's a major city with a corresponding cost of living.

You can find out the current prices of apartments in Vietnam in the catalogue on our website or consult our manager.

Properties for investments

Investment real estate in Hanoi has become increasingly popular of late, driven by the nation's rapidly growing economy. The allure of Vietnam's real estate market is attributed to its affordable prices, high potential, and the excellent quality of available properties. Additionally, housing regulations in the country are gradually becoming more lenient.

The most sought-after types of property in Hanoi for investments and living are villas and terrace homes, along with condominiums and boutique hotels. These are predominantly found in the west and southwest areas, which are currently experiencing a housing market boom. Mid-range properties, reasonably priced, can be found near convenient transport hubs and stations.

5 reasons to invest in Hanoi's residential sector:

  1. Market growth. With a population exceeding 100 million, Vietnam holds immense potential for foreign investments. As the country's economy continues to strengthen, the housing demand rises.
  2. Top-notch Infrastructure. Hanoi's advanced transportation systems and facilities position it as a coveted business epicentre. The presence of roads, railways, ports, and more than 10 international airports connects Vietnam with over 40 locales in Southeast Asia.
  3. Quality of life. A steady influx of tourists has led to the expansion of the service sector. Numerous new establishments have emerged, from quality schools and healthcare institutions to upscale shopping centres.
  4. Stunning coastlines. The city is ideally situated near many beautiful beaches, loved by water enthusiasts. It offers easy access to the secluded shores of Quan Lan, known for its pristine waters and immaculate coastline.
  5. Rental returns. When compared with Bangkok and Singapore, Hanoi provides marginally superior rental yields, particularly with the ongoing enthusiasm surrounding condominiums and condo-hotel hybrids.

The average rental yield in the city's central districts is 3.69%, and in locations further from the centre, it's 4.08%. Despite these seemingly modest figures, strategically located investment property in Hanoi offers significantly higher returns.

Profitable to buy property in Hanoi

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