How to Get a Residence Permit in Vietnam in 2023?

How to Get a Residence Permit in Vietnam in 2023?

Those planning to relocate are naturally curious about getting a residence permit in Vietnam. The SRV attracts people with its comfortable climate, affordable prices, and decent standard of living. Let’s look at how long you can stay in the country, what the visa regime is like, and what you need to obtain a temporary residence card (TRC).


Visa regime

Since August 2023, the country has had a new visa policy, allowing residents of 13 countries to enjoy a unilateral visa-free regime to stay here for 45 days (instead of the previous 15 days), regardless of the purpose of entry. The list includes Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the UK, Russia, Belarus, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. To stay longer, you need a visa. To purchase property in Vietnam, a residence permit is not required, but you will need one to relocate. It is advisable to purchase medical insurance in Vietnam before travelling to the republic.

Types of temporary stay visas

The temporary Vietnam visa is valid for either 1 or 3 months. It may permit single or multiple visits to the republic. The document also differs in the way you obtain it: it can be issued upon arrival, at the consulate, or issued electronically. The types of visa include electronic, student, and work ones.

Electronic visa

To enter the SRV, you can get an e-visa through a simplified procedure. To do this, you do not need to visit the consulate or embassy. The application can be submitted on the official website of the republic’s Immigration Department. The duration is from 30 to 90 days. To obtain it, the applicant must have an appropriate purpose of visit. The purposes are as follows:

  • Tourist trip;
  • Guest visit;
  • Labour;
  • Journalism;
  • Participation in summits and conferences;
  • Business and investment.

If you require a longer stay in the republic, you can first obtain an e-visa to enter and then apply for a new document before the first one expires. However, in this case, you need a sponsor, which can be a Vietnamese agency, company, or individual, who must submit an application to the Immigration Department on behalf of the applicant.

Work visa

This is another option to enter the country. To obtain it, you need proof from your employer and documents proving your qualification. The applicant also provides a work permit application form, evidence of no criminal record, a declaration form, a valid international passport, photos, and a health certificate. The permit is issued for a period of 1 to 3 years. If the expat changes their employer, they must re-apply.

Student visa

To obtain it, you must contact the international office of your school. To enrol in the chosen institution, you need a valid passport. It will not be possible to enter the republic as a tourist, since the legislation establishes specific goals for each of the permits. A written admission document is issued by the educational institution. Based on the information provided, the Immigration Department issues pre-approval confirmation, after which the documents are submitted to the nearest embassy or consulate along with proof of payment of the fee, where the applicant receives the entry permit.

Documents needed for Vietnam visa on arrival

To obtain it, you will need the following documents:

  • A valid international passport;
  • 2 passport-size photos;
  • An application form completed in English;
  • An approval letter issued by the Immigration Department.

You can obtain a document of this type only by flying to one of the country’s international airports. In all other cases, entry permits are issued at consulates or electronically.

Residence permit (resident visa)

The Vietnam resident card (TRC) is a document issued by an immigration authority or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to a foreign individual who is allowed to reside in the country for a set period of time. How long does a Vietnam residence permit last? It depends on the chosen format and payment. The maximum duration can be up to 10 years and can be extended an unlimited number of times.

Buying an apartment in Vietnam does not give you any privileges when it comes to obtaining a TRC. However, residents who own real estate in the republic have an important advantage. They can travel abroad and return visa-free.

How to apply for a resident visa

There are several ways to become a resident. Vietnam offers the following options:

  • Set up a company, which can only be registered in the name of a local citizen. After registration, they transfer the rights to a foreign founder, but even in this case, at least 50% of the shares belong to the Vietnamese. The scheme seems complicated at first glance, but in fact the procedure is widespread and well-established. There is an option to register a foreign company, but in this case the costs will be higher and the registration process will take longer.
  • Get official employment. Conditions the applicants must meet are given above.
  • Marry a citizen of the country. Children born in marriage can acquire the citizenship of one of the parents.

How to obtain a residence permit for foreigners

To immigrate to Vietnam, you need to select a suitable basis for obtaining a TRC, then collect the necessary package of documents and submit it to the government authorities of the country. There are no privileges for any categories of citizens.

Reasons for residence permit refusal

Reasons your application can be refused include mistakes made when submitting documents, falsification of information, violation of migration policy rules, lack of compelling reasons from the list above, and having a criminal record.

Advantages of a residence permit

The biggest advantages include:

  • You do not need to extend your visa, which saves time, costs, and resources.
  • Procedures for leaving and re-entering the country are simpler.
  • TRC holders are allowed to open a bank account.

How to get a permanent residence permit in Vietnam

If you are wondering how to live in Vietnam permanently and how to apply for a permanent resident visa, applicants who are TRC holders must fit one of the following categories:

  • You have contributed to the country’s development and been awarded medals or titles by the government.
  • You have resided in the republic for 3 or more years and are sponsored by your close relative who is a citizen.
  • You are a foreign scientist or expert temporarily residing in the country.

The validity period of the permanent resident card (PRC) is 10 years.

How to get citizenship in Vietnam

Citizenship in Vietnam can be obtained through naturalisation or through marriage to a citizen. The naturalisation scheme requires 5 years of legal residence in the SRV, no run-ins with the law, and knowledge of local customs and culture. The knowledge must be proved by fluency in the language, which is tested in the exam. The applicant must also prove their usefulness to society.

The process is quite difficult, including due to the complexity of the language and the vagueness of the legislative framework. However, a TRC is sufficient to live in the country. You also need to take into account that dual citizenship is prohibited here. Therefore, to receive Vietnamese citizenship, you will have to give up the one you have.

Required documents for residence permit

It is only possible to obtain a TRC in person. To do this, you need to provide the following documents:

  • Evidence of no criminal record;
  • Your national passport (ID) and a valid international one;
  • 2 photos;
  • A diploma of education;
  • An employment contract and reference letters from the employer (if employment is chosen as the basis);
  • A certificate of residence received from the police.

Documents are translated into Vietnamese and must be notarized.

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