Villas and houses for sale in Binh Thuan

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Villas for sale in Binh Thuan

Nowadays, a house in Binh Thuan is available for purchase by foreign investors. You can buy villas in Binh Thuan for investment and living with a leasehold arrangement, which means a long-term lease for 50 years with an option to extend. Purchased property can be freely rented or resold.

Located in southeastern Vietnam, the province boasts diverse landscapes, beautiful scenery, easy access to beach amenities, and numerous attractions such as the Po Sah Inu Tower and Phan Rang Sand Dunes. It's a popular destination for active tourists, food lovers and families with children. The region has a tropical climate with average temperatures ranging from 21 °C to 32 °C. The best time to visit the province is from November to April when the weather is cooler and drier.

If you're planning a move and want to buy house in Binh Thuan, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the options available. Beachfront villas are the most expensive type of local real estate, but they offer stunning views and direct access to the beach. There are also more affordable options, such as small houses and single-story townhouses.

The most popular locations in the province are Mui Ne and Phan Rang. Mui Ne is located on the coast and is popular with windsurfing and kite surfing enthusiasts. It is also known for its sand dunes, which can be found near the city. Phan Rang is the provincial capital and is known for its temples and traditional architecture. The city is also home to the Po Klong Garai Tower, built in the 13th century. Other popular areas include the city of Tuy Phong and the coastal town of Tuy Hoa. Tuy Phong is known for its tea plantations, while Tuy Hoa is a popular spot for scuba diving and snorkeling.

Investment house in Binh Thuan

Buying villas in Binh Thuan is a profitable move. Resort cities are chosen for relocation and vacation due to their excellent beaches and a plethora of entertainment options. The province has cultural attractions and modern infrastructure, making it comfortable for both tourists and expatriates. This is an excellent place to buy villas or apartments in Vietnam.

If you want to become an owner of a villa in Binh Thuan, the recent tourism boom in the province promises excellent returns. It has become an attractive destination for both locals and foreign investors. There are several reasons to consider investing in real estate in the province:

Economic growth: Binh Thuan is one of Vietnam's fastest growing economies. It is home to several industrial parks and is a major center for fisheries and aquaculture. Economic growth has led to increased demand for housing, making the province an attractive location for investment.

Developed infrastructure: The province is currently building a new international airport and several highways and expressways to improve transportation within the province. This is expected to further increase the demand for real estate.

Tourism: Tourism is one of the main drivers of economic growth in the province. It boasts several popular beaches, and the influx of travelers has made it an attractive place for those looking to invest in the hospitality sector.

Property Prices: Houses prices in Binh Thuan are more affordable than in many other Vietnamese provinces. Rental yields typically average 4% per annum, although they can be significantly higher in modern projects with amenities.

Villas prices in Binh Thuan

The cost of villas in Binh Thuan depends on various factors such as location, number of bedrooms, size and facilities. The minimum cost is around $50,000. For this price, you can buy a small house with 1–2 bedrooms and an area of 60–70 sq. m. The average price of a house is about $200,000. With this amount you can find a villa with an area of over 100 m² with modern finishes and furnishings.

The most advantageous option is to buy villas in Vietnam during the construction phase. After completion, such houses for sale in Binh Thuan appreciate by 25–30% and can be resold with a good profit. To invest in modern residential complexes with villas, you will need at least $150,000.

Buying house in Binh Thuan

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