Apartments and flats for sale in Can Tho

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Apartments for sale in Can Tho

Today, it is relatively easy for foreigners to buy apartment in Can Tho. There's no special permissions or conditions to purchase property. However, foreigners who aren't married to Vietnamese citizens can only acquire property for a 50-year term, with the option to extend. For those married to Vietnamese citizens, there is no time limit for owning the property.

Located in the southern part of the country, on the banks of the Mekong River, Can Tho is one of Vietnam's major cities, rich in history and cultural heritage. The city is renowned for its fish farms, flower gardens, tourist attractions, and an extensive network of waterways. It boasts a unique atmosphere and diverse architecture, ranging from French colonial buildings to traditional temples and pagodas. Cruises and boat rides are popular among locals and tourists alike. The government is actively encouraging investments in flats in Can Tho, with ongoing construction projects. Most apartments are found in residential complexes in the Ninh Kieu and Cai Rang districts. However, other locations to consider include:

  • Phuoc Kien: A district close to the city centre, known for its calm and cosy atmosphere. Here, you will find a variety of affordable housing options.
  • Tan Dinh: Renowned for its beautiful architecture and historic buildings. Both luxury and budget-friendly apartments in Can Tho available here.
  • Binh Thanh: Situated near the river, this district boasts a well-developed infrastructure with many new residential complexes.
  • Phu My Hung: Located in the suburbs, it's famous for its luxurious residential complexes and exclusive apartments.

Prices of property in Vietnam have been rising rapidly. Since 2018, they have increased by 100–200% (depending on the area). Many are buying apartments in Can Tho for investment and living, including relocating permanently or as a second holiday home.

In 2023, new projects emerged in the market. The following residential complexes (RC) are worth noting:

  • Thiên Quân Marina Plaza: A modern complex located on the bustling Chan Bach Dang street. Within a 500m radius, you will find a medical and pharmaceutical university, a hospital, a kindergarten, primary and secondary schools. The complex houses over 500 flats of various layouts, along with a swimming pool and a gym. The area is secured.
  • Stella Icon in Ninh Kieu: This complex offers luxury apartments ranging from 50 to 130 m². With the infrastructure of a 5-star hotel, it's situated close to a school, hospital, supermarket, temple, and a lake.
  • Dream House in Nam Long: A high-rise 13-storey building with apartments ranging from 47 to 95 m². The RC features a swimming pool, children's playground, supermarkets, shops, an in-house kindergarten, and a fitness centre. 24-hour security is in place.

The Can Tho real estate market offers a plethora of options catering to various preferences and budgets.

Apartments prices in Can Tho

In Vietnam, it's possible to purchase property on a mortgage. Typically, banks offer financing for 70–80% of the property's value. When buying an apartment in an under-construction building, you can avail a discount of up to 20% off the price of a finished unit. Additionally, there are various instalment options and favourable sales terms available. However, purchasing apartments in Vietnam in a new building will be more expensive than in the secondary market. If you're buying a ready-to-move-in property as an investment, you can rent it out immediately.

Here are a few examples: In Hung Phu, on the secondary market, there’s a 2-bedroom apartment for sale, 50 m² in size, fully ready-to-move-in. The cost of apartments in Can Tho is $59,450.

In the upscale Thiên Quân Marina Plaza, a spacious 82 m² flat is available for $100,860. It features 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and comes furnished with renovations done.

A 3-bedroom apartment in Kai Rang, 86 m² in size, is priced at $155,800. The flat is finished and is part of a residential complex with amenities like a swimming pool, park, gym, yoga hall, shopping centre, and parking.

Investment apartments in Can Tho

Currently, the metropolis is implementing 52 new urban development projects and residential areas covering approximately 1,500 hectares. In Kai Rang, Ninh Kieu, and Binh Tue, major real estate players are present, such as Vingroup, Dat Xanh, Nam Long, Novaland, and Van Phu Invest. New investment projects are becoming increasingly diverse, especially in the luxury flat and townhouse segments.

As an example, the centre of Ninh Kieu is rapidly developing in the trade and services sector, hence property prices in this area are quite high. While Binh Tuy isn't central, it boasts advantages like an international airport, industrial park, and seaport. With active investments in infrastructure, prices of flats for sale in Can Tho have significant growth potential.

In Kai Rang, developers offer relatively affordable properties. However, given the area's tourism potential, it's projected that the cost of projects near the airport could increase by 25–30% in the near future.

Buying apartments in Can Tho

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