Apartments and flats for sale in Da Nang

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Apartments for sale in Da Nang

Currently, a growing number of people interested in investment or relocation are setting their sights on buying apartments in Da Nang. Positioned beside the South China Sea, this coastline metropolis is renowned for its enchanting shores, alluring terrains, and deep-seated cultural roots. Its balmy weather and myriad of sightseeing spots also make it a favoured vacation spot. Flats in Da Nang are readily available to foreigners without any specific conditions. No special permissions or documents are needed to buy property in Vietnam.

At present, a large number of flats available for sale are situated in the Ngu Hanh Son and Lien Chieu districts. Here, one can find both affordable and luxury flats. As an example, a new price record of up to $5,000 per square metre has been set in premium projects situated along the Han River.

Potential regions to explore are:

  • Hai Chau
  • Son Tra
  • Ngu Hanh Son

Luxurious apartments in Da Nang for investment and living can be acquired in the Son Tra district of Da Nang. The Muse Da Nang residential community serves as a perfect example. With a price range of $2,000 to $2,400 per square metre, this complex boasts two impressive 31-story buildings, encompassing more than 900 residential units. Residents can enjoy an array of facilities, including a fitness centre, a sky-view pool, a rooftop eatery, a spa, and a childcare centre.

Another noteworthy high-end residential complex is FPT Plaza 2 in the FPT City district, offering 4000 property units across 25 floors. It boasts private landscaped grounds, a gym, a swimming pool, and 24-hour security. Located near the shore, FPT Plaza 2 lies on the popular tourist trail from Da Nang to Hoi An. It's conveniently positioned near key thoroughfares, the renowned Non Nuoc beach, and two prominent American international institutions: APU and the Vietnam Singapore International School (SIS).

Apartments prices in Da Nang

The cost of apartments in Da Nang varies based on several factors: the prestige of the residential complex, location (properties closer to the centre typically command higher prices), overall size, and additional amenities. As an example, in the new complex, The Sang Residence, you can purchase a 2-bedroom flat spanning 83 m² for $155,800. This 31-storey development boasts facilities comparable to a 5-star hotel:

  • an underground car park with over 430 spaces;
  • a restaurant;
  • a café;
  • a mini-market;
  • a gym;
  • a swimming pool;
  • a children's play and development area;
  • a yoga section and much more.

The Sang Residence is situated directly opposite the My Khe coastline, which ranks among the top 6 most beautiful beaches in the world. It's also a stone's throw from Tai An Tuong Street, a popular spot for Western, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese tourists. Apartments in this complex are excellent as personal residences and investments properties.

Within the Sun Cosmo Residence complex in the Ngu Hanh Son district, a 1-bedroom apartment spanning 49 m² is available at price $86,100. Additionally, flats for sale in Da Nang ranging from 69 to 89 m² with 2 bedrooms are priced between $143,500 and $246,000. Larger apartments, spanning 98–99 m² with 3 bedrooms, range from $205,000 to $287,000.

In the Lien Chieu district, the Ori Garden residential project offers 2-bedroom sea-view residences priced at $62,300. This complex is set in a vast area covering 76 km² and is a popular spot for both tourists and locals. Close by lies the Nam O beach. These apartments, already furnished and fitted with modern appliances, showcase a generous living area that opens up to a balcony, complemented by a well-lit, expansive kitchen.

Investment apartments in Da Nang

The country's property market has seen a demand from buyers, which grew by 6% by the end of the first half of 2023. Apartments in Vietnam are the most sought-after property type, with a demand increase of 7%. Specifically, in Da Nang, the demand for apartments has risen by 8%. This is attributed to the city's strong tourism potential, making it an ideal location for both personal residence and rental properties.

Investors also believe that the number of offerings in the developer market is becoming increasingly limited, especially for apartments in prime locations – close to the sea and city centre. Given the dynamic demand, long-term property investments are becoming particularly lucrative. Experts suggest that it is most profitable to buy apartment in Da Nang situated along the coast, offering a breathtaking panoramic view. With its prime location, nearby natural beauty, and elegant finishes, this luxury property will undoubtedly be in high demand.

Today, Da Nang is considered one of the top 20 largest property markets globally. Until 2009, its development trajectory wasn't evident. This was due to the region's population and economy not growing at a remarkable rate, and the legal system remained quite complex. Currently, the property market is in its golden phase. According to the development plan for Da Nang set to run until 2045, the city is on track to become a pivotal socio-economic centre, serving not just Vietnam but the broader Southeast Asian region.

Buying apartments in Da Nang

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