Apartments and flats for sale in Dong Nai

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Apartments for sale in Dong Nai

Purchasing flats in Dong Nai has become a straightforward process for foreigners. You can simply visit on a standard tourist visa and acquire your desired property. Many expats looking to buy property in Vietnam are setting their sights on Dong Nai. It's no surprise given that the province ranks second in terms of area and population in the eastern part of the country. It stands as a major economic hub in Southeast Vietnam, bridging the technological triangle of Ho Chi Minh, Binh Duong, and Dong Nai. Its rapid economic growth boosts population and business development, subsequently fuelling the real estate sector. Over the past three years, there's been a significant surge in the housing market, with modern residential complexes springing up.

If you're considering buying apartments in Dong Nai for investment and living, it's worth exploring the local market. Here are a few notable residential complexes:

  • Bien Hoa Universe. Situated in the city of Bien Hoa, along the Hanoi Highway, this complex boasts seven blocks of luxurious apartments in Vietnam.
  • Topaz Twins Bien Hoa. Also in Bien Hoa, it offers 1–3 bedroom flats and the increasingly popular studio apartments. Located near the intersection of three major roads, it ensures easy connectivity to other areas.
  • Terra Flora. Located on Nhon Trach Street, this 1.2-hectare development comprises four blocks, including residential, office, and commercial spaces, offering 1-4 bedroom apartments.

Compared to Ho Chi Minh, prices of apartments in Dong Nai are more affordable, especially in the suburban areas. However, their value is on the rise, presenting lucrative opportunities for investors. Most new projects come with comprehensive amenities: swimming pools, gyms, children's play areas, and zen gardens. The vicinity typically features a range of essential facilities: schools, hospitals, markets, supermarkets, shopping centres, and tourist spots.

Apartments prices in Dong Nai

As of 2023, the cost of apartments in Dong Nai, specifically in the Long Thanh area, ranges from $492 to $1,435 per square metre. In the Nhon Trach district, the price per square metre is between $360 and $615, while in Vinh Cuu, it's around $400. These rates are quite competitive in today's market, making it a worthwhile investment to buy flat in Dong Nai. The secondary market also offers some attractive deals. For instance, in Bien Hoa, there's a 60 m², 2-bedroom apartment on sale, fully renovated and furnished, priced at $80,000.

Speaking of new developments, the 2023-built Extended Street 5 has a square metre rate of $2000. This project is centrally located in the Tong Nhat district of Bien Hoa, on Vo Thi Sau Street.

Another noteworthy project is Izumi City in the Long Hung commune. It's a vast urban area spanning about 170 hectares. The apartments in this complex are priced between $2160 and $2670 per m². Currently under development, the property values are expected to rise once construction is completed.

In the Long Thanh district, the Dreamland City development is underway, covering a massive 1184 hectares. Situated near national highways 1A and 51, along with the Ho Chi Minh expressway, the initial construction phase prices for units in this complex are approximately $2000 per square metre. Dreamland City offers a variety of housing options: flats, townhouses, duplex apartments, and villas. The complex will feature a range of amenities, including:

  • supermarkets;
  • parks;
  • children's playgrounds;
  • schools;
  • markets;
  • shopping centres;
  • hospitals.

Furthermore, a yacht marina is planned for the near future, given the complex's riverside location.

Investment apartments in Dong Nai

Last year, the province of Dong Nai showcased positive economic growth across various sectors. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) witnessed an increase of 9.22% compared to the same period in 2021. This growth rate surpassed the national average by approximately 8%.

Dong Nai holds the second position in Southeast Asia and fourth in the country in terms of economic development indicators. This success is attributed to the effective implementation of several public infrastructure projects, leading to enhanced transport accessibility. Currently, the construction of the Long Thanh International Airport is underway, which is expected to boost tourism and population growth in the region.

At this juncture, it's a prudent decision to buy apartment in Dong Nai. The province is undergoing rapid development and boasts economic stability. As a result, real estate here will be in demand for both rental and purchase, offering potential profits upon resale.

Buying apartments in Dong Nai

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