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Duplexes in Vietnam

Foreigners can buy duplexes in Vietnam for investment or seasonal vacation. Duplex apartments are not inferior to townhouses or villas in terms of comfort and have high investment potential. These luxurious apartments in Vietnam belong to the premium class and are suitable for large families or those who want to emphasize their status. Most duplexes are presented in modern residential complexes with additional amenities for a comfortable lifestyle. This could be a pool, gym, park area, spa center, private cafe, or restaurant for residents.

Finished and off-plan properties are available for sale. According to Vietnamese laws, foreigners can buy and sell properties on the basis of long-term leasehold rights for 50 years with the possibility of further extensions. Within a condominium, foreigners cannot own more than 30% of the units. Therefore, the largest selection of duplexes in Vietnam for foreigners can be found at the start of sales.

Popular areas

The country's real estate market is actively developing. The highest construction rates are in major popular cities, including:

  • Hanoi
  • Ho Chi Minh
  • Da Nang

Apartments can also be found in other locations. Just use the search filters on our website.


Lifestyle in Vietnam blends traditionality with modernity, reflecting a rich cultural tapestry dating back thousands of years. The simplicity of life can be seen in the rural areas where rice farming, fishing, and rearing livestock are the main livelihoods. Here, you will find people living in stilt houses, serene pagodas, bustling wet markets, and endless rice fields. Conversely, the cities like Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi pulsate with modern hustle and bustle. Shimmering skyscrapers, trendy cafes, tech startups, and bustling night markets provide a stark contrast to the countryside. Regardless of urban or rural residence, family connection and communal living are touchstones of the Vietnamese lifestyle. Moreover, the food, an integral part of the Vietnamese lifestyle, enchants with its fresh ingredients, fragrant herbs, and the masterful balance of flavors.

Duplexes prices in Vietnam

The cost of a duplex in Vietnam depends on several factors:

  • Area and number of bedrooms;
  • Location area;
  • The class of the development.

At the time of writing, the average price of a duplex is $1.3 million. Of course, prices for luxury duplexes in Vietnam are higher than average, but also the quality of life with such properties is significantly increased.

Investment duplexes in Vietnam

Apartments or villas in Vietnam can be a profitable investment. The country's economy is steadily developing, and the active tourist flow is also increasing interest in real estate. You can invest in an off-plan Vietnam duplex and then make a profit on resale after delivery. Finished apartments are more expensive. In addition, apartment prices are also tending to rise. For example, real estate in Hanoi rose 16% last year.

A long-term investment strategy is to make a profit from renting out apartments. The profitability coefficient of premium apartments in major cities exceeds 6% per year.

Buying duplexes in Vietnam

The catalog contains all current offers for property in Vietnam. Advertisements are published directly by developers and real estate agencies. Housing prices are real and there are no hidden commissions. The search system is equipped with filters that allow you to select the desired type of real estate and location area. You can also calculate prices in euros, dollars, and other currencies. Specialists will help you choose property in Vietnam for foreigners and buy duplexes in Vietnam for investment and living. Explore the offers right now so as not to miss the most profitable ones.