Villas and houses for sale in Khanh Hoa

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Villas for sale in Khanh Hoa

Citizens of any country can buy house in Khanh Hoa. Foreigners who want to become owners of villas by the sea have a wide choice of detached villas in Khanh Hoa for investment and living. Contracts are usually for 50 years with the possibility of renewal. Importantly, there are no restrictions on how investors can use the property: it can be rented out or sold. One thing to keep in mind is that by law, foreigners can own no more than 10% of the homes with land titles within a project.

The province stretches along the coast of the South China Sea and is home to one of Vietnam's most famous tourist destinations, the world-class resort city of Nha Trang, which serves as the provincial capital. It's popular with expatriates and businessmen, and boasts beautiful beaches, plenty of entertainment, and a developed industry.

Cam Ranh, the second most popular city in the province, offers a quieter life suitable for peaceful family getaways. Some resorts offer free regular bus service to the center of Nha Trang, making the city a choice for living while traveling to the capital for entertainment.

The coastal province is one of the most profitable options for buying houses and apartments in Vietnam for rental purposes. Buying villas in Khanh Hoa means investing in a popular holiday destination.

The real estate market in the province consistently offers hundreds of properties for sale at prices lower than in major metropolises. Beachfront, second- and third-line options are available. If you're looking for more affordable resort housing, consider properties in Ninh Hoa in the north of the province or in the southern part of Nha Trang.

Beach vacations, a variety of water sports, and a developed tourism sector are reasons why millions of tourists visit this region annually. The hospitality industry in the province is also well developed and you can easily find numerous restaurants, cafes, bars, and eateries serving local and international cuisines.

Investment house in Khanh Hoa

Investing in a villa in Khanh Hoa is a good option for preserving funds and generating profits. Here are some reasons why investors choose this location to purchase a house in Khanh Hoa:

  • The province ensures a steady flow of tourists throughout the year.
  • Expatriates choose the region for work and business, so there is always a demand for long-term real estate rentals.
  • Rental yields of houses for sale in Khanh Hoa can reach 8% per annum with a minimum occupancy of 10 months per year.

Villas prices in Khanh Hoa

Houses prices in Khanh Hoa depend on several factors including location, size, features, and amenities. The price range is quite wide. The cost of villas in Khanh Hoa with 3 bedrooms is around $140,000. The average cost is around $180,000. A luxury house in Khanh Hoa with an area of 225 sq. m and 2 bedrooms can cost $305,000.

You can get the most benefit by buying villas in Vietnam during the construction phase. After completion, such properties can increase in value by up to 30%.

Buying house in Khanh Hoa

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