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Apartments for sale in new projects in Vietnam

Foreigners can buy apartments for sale in Vietnam residential complexes, but there are several restrictions in place to protect the interests of the country's citizens. Within a single condominium, foreign investors may own no more than 30% of the units in the building. Foreigners must obtain a certificate of investment registration in Vietnam. Apartments in condominiums can be owned for up to 50 years, during which time the property can be sold, inherited, or rented out at the owner's discretion.

After the period of ownership of property in Vietnam expires, expats can extend their ownership rights by applying to the People's Committee of the province or city where the building is located. This must be done no later than 90 days before the certificate expires. The exception is for expats who have married a Vietnamese citizen. They can own property on equal terms with Vietnamese citizens.

Prices for flats for sale in new development projects in Vietnam offer great investment opportunities. It is most advantageous to buy property at the start of sales. Finished apartments are offered for $100,000 or more. Final prices depend on several factors, including location, unit size, number of bedrooms, and the availability of additional amenities in the condominium.

Final prices depend on several factors:

  • Location;
  • Floor area;
  • Number of bedrooms;
  • Availability of additional amenities in the apartment complex.

Premium residences in the form of penthouses or simplex apartments are more expensive.

Investment apartments from developers

Apartments in new developments in Vietnam can be considered as an investment opportunity for several reasons:

  • A country with a steadily growing economy attracts expats, which makes real estate in demand.
  • Housing prices are increasing annually, with only the pandemic year being a recessionary period.
  • The profitability ratio of flats in development projects in Vietnam for rent reaches almost 7% in some cities. This allows you to get a high passive income.

It is also possible to buy apartments in residential projects in Vietnam at the development stage and resell it after completion. The price difference is within 20% or more.

Apartments prices from developers

Expats can buy apartments in new buildings in Vietnam for every taste and budget. Developers offer small studio apartments in condominiums that can be considered as an investment. Spacious 2–5-bedroom apartments with all modern amenities are also available in completed and under construction residential complexes.

Apartments in Vietnam in high-rise and low-rise condominiums can be found in many cities, including Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Nha Trang and Da Nang. This is not an exhaustive list of locations where you can consider buying apartments from the developer in Vietnam for investments and living. The real estate ads database covers all regions of the country.

Buy apartments in a new building in Vietnam

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