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Property in Hai Phong

Real estate in Hai Phong, a major city in northern Vietnam, is increasingly attractive to international buyers each year. This can be attributed to its swift economic progression, evolving infrastructure, and burgeoning industrial sector.

With its strategic location within the northern economic triangle and a wealth of resources, Hai Phong hints at immense prospects for continued expansion. Today, it's among the most sought-after cities offering investment property in Vietnam.

During the initial half of 2023, the annual increase in Hai Phong's GRP (Gross Regional Product) was 9.9%, outpacing the country's average by 6.2%. The city ranked third nationally and first in the Red River delta in terms of economic development. By 2025, its contribution to the national GDP is projected to be 6.4%, up from 3.9% in 2022.

In the initial half of the year, the city drew in foreign direct investments totaling $1.98 billion. This influx of investments and new projects is boosting housing demand among expatriates and employees of international firms.

Here’s a brief overview of the available property types:

  • If you're considering apartments in Vietnam, Hai Phong should be on your list, especially new developments in the city centre.
  • Private homes and villas are also in demand, especially among expat families and tourists who value more space and comfort.
  • As the city evolves into a business and tourist centre, there is a high demand for commercial spaces like office areas, stores, and eateries.
  • Plots of land, particularly in regions with established infrastructure or promising potential, are also sought after.

Before buying property in Hai Phong, it's wise to research the market and consult experts to gain comprehensive information and make the right choice. Reach out to a specialist through our website for further guidance!

Property prices in Hai Phong

Property cost in Hai Phong can fluctuate widely depending on location, type, condition, size, and the number of floors. Here's a general overview:

  • average cost per m² – $3,115;
  • average unit price – $221,041;
  • rental cost (monthly) – $1,032.

It's important to note that prices may fluctuate depending on the current market situation. For up-to-date values in euros and dollars, you can check our online catalogue or speak with a manager.

Properties for investments

Hai Phong boasts 12 Industrial Parks (IPs) that cover 2,634 hectares, and there's an agenda to expand by another 2,473 hectares by 2025. This expansion is predicted to amplify the need for all types of real estate. The Dinh Vu – Cat Hai economic zone offers tax breaks, including possible 15-year corporate tax reductions. Anticipated local and international investments are set to create a cascading effect, presenting myriad opportunities for developers, investors, and service entities.

Property in Hai Phong for investments and living offers entrepreneurs the following benefits:

  • Emerging market. This city is one of the fastest-growing in Vietnam and the region, providing a wealth of opportunities for real estate investors. Economic growth, rising tourist potential, improving infrastructure, and other factors drive up the demand for local housing.
  • Competitive pricing. Real estate for sale in Hai Phong is relatively affordable compared to other major cities in the country and region, while promising growth potential.
  • Tourism influx. The city is attracting an increasing number of visitors, fuelling demand for investment property in Hai Phong.
  • Expanding infrastructure. The local facilities, including roads, airports, shopping centres, and more, are undergoing swift development.
  • Business opportunities. Because the city is a significant trade and industrial hub of the region, investing in office spaces and warehouses here is justified.
  • Sector stability. Many view local real estate as a dependable safeguard against inflation and a steady asset.

If you're considering the opportunity to buy property in Hai Phong for rental purposes, it's worth noting that the average rental yield here is 8.98% in the city centre and 17.48% outside of it – one of the highest returns in the country!

In 2023, only Quang Ninh and Bac Giang outranked Hai Phong on the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI); Hai Phong secured third place with a score of 70.7

Profitable to buy property in Hai Phong

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