Villas and houses for sale in Hai Phong

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Villas for sale in Hai Phong

A villa in Hai Phong is available for purchase by citizens of any country. Since 2014, Vietnam has relaxed restrictions for foreign investors. You can choose from a wide range of villas in Hai Phong for investment and living. Ownership is based on a long-term lease of 50 years, which can be extended. Buyers should note that foreigners are not allowed to own more than 10% of the land within a project. However, foreign investors can use the property as they see fit, such as renting it out or selling it.

Hai Phong is the third largest city in Vietnam. It's a picturesque place with stylish colonial architecture, authentic pagodas, and national parks. It serves as a gateway for tourists to the beach resort island of Cat Ba, as well as Halong and Lan Ha Bays. Hai Phong also has its own beach and hosts festivals throughout the year that attract crowds of visitors.

If you're looking to buy villa in Hai Phong, you'll find the largest selection in the districts of Le Chan, Hong Bang, Ngo Quyen, and Hai An.

Le Chan is a rapidly developing district with universities, colleges, and hospitals, making it an attractive place to live and invest.

Hong Bang is a district where you can find many luxurious colonial style villas. There are also modern cottages, all well-equipped and furnished.

Ngo Quyen is the central district of Hai Phong. There aren't many villas in the city center. Among the available options, you can find small studio-style houses as well as larger mansions suitable for large families.

Hai An is a large district in Hai Phong that borders the city center and extends into the countryside with the airport. There aren't as many houses for sale in this part of the city. However, most of them are in excellent condition with quality finishes, furniture, and fixtures.

Investment house in Hai Phong

If you want to become the owner of a villa rather than just apartments in Vietnam, Hai Phong is a good choice as there are many urban villas available. This is also convenient for investment, as it's easier to rent out properties in the city center than in the suburbs.

There are other reasons why buying villas in Hai Phong is an excellent choice:

  1. Trade hub: This fast-developing city is an international hub. Hai Phong is the largest seaport city in northern Vietnam and one of the most important industrial centers in the country. Over the past five years, it has been one of the fastest growing cities in Vietnam in terms of GDP. Thanks to the city's modern infrastructure and favorable geographical location, investments in Hai Phong's houses have the potential to be very lucrative.
  2. Transportation: The Hanoi-Hai Phong Expressway and the Hai Phong-Halong Expressway are part of important regional infrastructure projects. Hai Phong is becoming a starting point for many to travel throughout Asia, which will positively impact the number of visitors to Hai Phong.
  3. Rental Yield: The cost of villas in Hai Phong is attractive for those who want to invest in real estate without significant expenses. The property yield here is around 4% per annum.

Villas prices in Hai Phong

Houses prices in Hai Phong depend on several factors including location, size, quality of finish and the class of the property. The minimum cost for a house in Hai Phong is $55,000, which will get you a small cottage of about 40–60 square meters. For $100,000, you can find villas with a size of 80-100 square meters. If you're willing to invest $500,000 or more, you can buy a luxurious mansion in one of the city's new residential complexes.

The biggest advantage is to buy villas in Vietnam during the construction phase. This is an affordable way to expand your investment portfolio. After completion, the property can appreciate up to 20%, making it profitable to resell.

Buying house in Hai Phong

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