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Apartments for sale in Ho Chi Minh City

Foreigners worldwide are increasingly drawn to buying apartments in Ho Chi Minh City for investment and living. Situated in Vietnam's southeast along the Saigon River, a branch of the Dongnai, this city is the nation's most prominent. As the pivotal economic, cultural, and tourist hub of Vietnam, it highlights landmarks such as the Notre-Dame Basilica, Cholon Chinatown, and Ben Thanh Market. It is adorned with breathtaking architecture, rich history displayed in museums, and captivating art galleries.

Extensive residential development is currently underway here. There's a growing interest in purchasing property in Vietnam, whether for permanent living or investing in apartments in Ho Chi Minh City. Modern residential developments usually provide a range of amenities for a convenient lifestyle:

  • sport facilities;
  • swimming pools;
  • car parks;
  • private parks.

Many complexes also feature shops, supermarkets, and cafes on-site. Many buildings also provide 24-hour security.

According to legislation from 2015, citizens from any country have the right to buy property in Vietnam and manage it at their discretion. However, there are specific limitations for foreigners when it comes to buying flats in Ho Chi Minh City. For instance, a foreign individual is limited to buying up to 30% of the units in a single residential complex. Moreover, real estate tenure is 50 years, with the possibility of extending this period. Foreigners also have access to mortgage loans. The maximum amount one can obtain from a bank is up to 70–80% of the property's value.

In terms of popular areas for property purchase, the Nam Rach Chiec area, near the Saigon River, stands out. This area is home to a diverse range of commercial and industrial businesses, alongside office spaces, residential buildings, shopping centres, stores, and eateries. Some of the notable residential complexes in the vicinity are:

  • Novaland's Lake View;
  • Palm City Complex;
  • Senturia.

Consider buying property in the east – in a beautiful district called Global City. This area comprises numerous upscale residential complexes, predominantly modern architecture with high-rise buildings, a shopping centre, restaurants, cafes, and a well-developed transport infrastructure and leisure industry.

Another attractive district, opposite the Hanoi Highway, is Saigon Quays. It's renowned for its high-rise neighbourhoods, luxury residential complexes, upscale hotels, restaurants, bars, and shops.

Apartments prices in Ho Chi Minh City

The cost of apartments in Ho Chi Minh City varies based on their proximity to the centre, the infrastructure of the area, size, and the quality of finishes. As of the end of the first half of 2023, the average price of flats here was 125 million dong per square metre ($5,400), a 44% increase compared to the same period in 2022. However, there are also quite affordable options available for purchasing apartments in Vietnam. Here are a few examples:

A furnished 2-bedroom apartment, 69 m² in size, in a 2020-built residential complex on the secondary market is priced at $153,000. This property is located in District 9 (Quận 9). The developer offers a convenient purchase option: a 0% interest instalment plan for 1.5 years. The flat comes with essential appliances. The facility boasts features like a swimming pool, shopping outlets, cafes, dining spots, open-air gym gear, jogging trails, and parking areas for vehicles and bikes.

A 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment spanning 96 m² in Thu Duc, the modern district of Saigon (the city's former name), is listed at $299,000. This property, from the developer, will be handed over in 2024 with full finishes, furniture, and appliances. The property is situated in a business-class residential community, designed with the Green Living concept in mind, emphasising the promotion of a health-conscious lifestyle. It includes swimming pools, alleys, fountains, sports areas, and a gym.

Premium segment apartments, measuring 129 m² and featuring three bedrooms, come fully equipped and furnished, with a price tag of $540,000. The views from the windows overlook the river and the metropolis. The complex offers security, underground parking, a swimming pool, a gym, entertainment and shopping centres, and other essential infrastructure.

Investment apartments in Ho Chi Minh City

The supply shortage over the past few years has driven up property prices in the eastern region. Experts believe this area will lead in the number of new projects in the property market in the near future. The promising satellite district of Celadon City has attracted many investments over the past 10 years. Prices of flats for sale in Ho Chi Minh City in this area have risen by an average of 30% over 5 years.

Investing in Vietnamese property can yield substantial passive income. A 2-3 bedroom apartment's rent averages $1,300. During the foundational phase, you can buy flat in Ho Chi Minh City 5–10% cheaper. For those considering an investment, it's noteworthy that flats on the middle and upper levels generally have a higher price tag than those on the lower levels, mirroring the market preference in Ho Chi Minh.

Buying apartments in Ho Chi Minh City

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