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Commercial property in Vietnam

Commercial property investment in Vietnam can be potentially lucrative, and one of the fastest developing regions in this regard is Vietnam. With a stable economy and a steady flow of tourists, the country offers a wide range of investment opportunities. However, as in Southeast Asia in general, there are certain restrictions for foreigners. As an expat, you have the right to buy villas or apartments in Vietnam, but not commercial property. There are ways around this restriction, such as setting up a local real estate company or forming a joint venture with a Vietnamese shareholder.

Commercial property prices in Vietnam

Commercial real estate prices in Vietnam vary depending on location, building size, nearby infrastructure, and the profitability of the business model for which the property is intended. Rapidly developing cities such as Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and Hanoi are in high demand. At the time of this writing, current commercial property prices in Vietnam include:

  • A mini hotel in Binh Chau costs $975,000;
  • A hotel in downtown Ho Chi Minh City is listed for $17.6 million;
  • A resort complex in Quang Nam is available for $2.76 million.

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Buy a ready business in Vietnam

The country's commercial real estate market is currently valued at $16.52 billion and is expected to reach $33.83 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 15.42% over five years. The state's economy is making steady progress and property prices are rising, making investment opportunities attractive.

Foreigners can buy commercial real estate in Vietnam for investment purposes and expect a stable income. The property can always be resold at a higher price or used for business operations.

Buying commercial properties in Vietnam

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